петак, 20. април 2012.

New Slayer Album Before Summer

 So legendary thrash band and one of the Big Four, Slayer,  is releasing new album before summer and like they say, it's going to be like old material. Since slayer early material was pretty good, we can be pretty sure to say that this album is gonna be great. Really hope to hear those sick guitar riffs and amazing solos. Below you can read the article of Metal Injection.

"Speaking to Metal Injection at a reception ceremony Revolver Golden Gods awards, drummer for thrash legends Slayer, Dave Lombardo, confirmed that the new edition of the EP group can be expected before the summer tour.

I still achieving actual composition, World Painted Blood, came out in 2009. year.

In the same interview Lombardo also gave more details about their work in a group of Philmore. The entire video can be viewed below.

We recall, work began on a new album late last year, while according to guitarist Kerry King's to be expected from the same classic Slayer sound.

"What I can tell you is that the song form the classic Slayer style. You will not listen to us play acoustic stuff," said the guitarist for the Metal"

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