субота, 23. јун 2012.


System of a Down, my favorite band ever. Couldn't really decide what song to put but it doesn't matter because they are all great. Enjoy.

петак, 22. јун 2012.

Back, With Godsmack

So two days before the exam that will get me into College... kinda nervous.. didn't quite had time to work on my blog. So now i'm back (for the second time) and I'm bringing you Music daily. Today we have  Godsmack with 'I Stand Alone'. Enjoy.

субота, 26. мај 2012.

Where's the metal most popular in the world?

The fact is that the metal music throughout its history has managed to penetrate to all continents and in all parts of the world.

The answer to the question of where in the world's most popular metal music convey to you the attached image through the portal and Cia.gov Metal Archives.

Figure indicates the number of metal bands present for every 100,000 inhabitants.


недеља, 20. мај 2012.

Back after a week or two

So after two and something weeks I've found some time to post something, as I see my views stats have fallen really good... So now Im going to review everything that happened in last two weeks.

So recently Justin Bieber said that he's a big Metallica fan. Who would have tought. He states that he enjoys listening to old metallica records, records before The Black Album. "One, Fade to Black, those are mine favorite songs. I like records that came before The Black Album". I think this is plain bullshit, but whatcha gonna do.

Emo haircuts damage eye sight, says Andrew Hogan, eye doctor from Australia.""If young emo guy wearing bangs that cover about him constantly, to the eye does not see much detail. And if this happens at a young age, some may become amblyopic". Amblyopia, also known as lazy eye, is a disorder of the visual system that is characterized by a vision deficiency in an eye that is otherwise physically normal, or out of proportion to associated structural abnormalities of the eye. So remove those stupid emo haircuts.

Cannibal Corpse - "We do not want to live on past glory '

In a recently conducted an interview with Loud, Cannibal Corpse bassist, Alex Webster, talking among other things, the new edition of Torture, group development through the years and the current state of death metal music.

"I think that when someone hears Torture can see that it is not a band that is repeated. We try to make a great album that will be our best," Webster began the issue of new works.

"We do not want to live on past glory, which would otherwise be. We have a very legacy of the '90s where they could stay, but we do not want." 

Also 16. may. 2012 was the anniversary of Ronnie James Dio's death. R.I.P. King of Metal. \m/

среда, 09. мај 2012.

It Was Amazing!

So after some sleep I was finally able to do a post about Metallica's concert in Belgrade. At 2:30 going to Belgrade, with my three friends, at my brothers apartment, that's where the warm up began. Drinking, eating and listening to metallica songs was the famous warm up at my brother's before every concert.  And as we were going to the place where they were going to perform, the whole city was full of metalheads, you could see metallica and iron maiden shirts everywhere.
 Machine head and Gojira were the bands that played before the metallica but we didn't get to them, only to machine head's two last songs. There was around 35.000  people there going crazy at metallica's second song, that they played, Master of Puppets. So after a good beating and what not we managed to get to the end of our zone we were in. Fire works and Flames for songs lie Enter Sandman, Fuel and One were amazing and the feeling when a friend had me on his shoulder was, above 30.000 people, was epic. Once in a lifetime.
So after a good few hours of singing, jumping and what not the concert was over. Heading down the streets with 35.000 people around you, going home to sleep after an amazing night. You can see some video footage below and as I said... Once in a life time experience...

There's only one Metallica...

четвртак, 03. мај 2012.

Two My Favorite Drum Fills

This is my two favorite drum fills  and yes, both are Lamb of God's.  First is from a song called Ruin and second from a song called Beating on Death's Door. Here they are:

On this song (Ruin) you can hear it at 2:40. Fast, aggressive, beautiful.....

The second one is from Beating on Death's Door, this one is fast too but not as aggressive as the first one. You can hear it at 2:30 . And yeah, needs more cowbell. 

понедељак, 30. април 2012.

Map of Metal

If you're interested in History of Metal, you can see where it originated, how it developed creating many new metal genres. All that you can see on Map of Metal (click here). Enjoy.

Map of Metal