недеља, 20. мај 2012.

Back after a week or two

So after two and something weeks I've found some time to post something, as I see my views stats have fallen really good... So now Im going to review everything that happened in last two weeks.

So recently Justin Bieber said that he's a big Metallica fan. Who would have tought. He states that he enjoys listening to old metallica records, records before The Black Album. "One, Fade to Black, those are mine favorite songs. I like records that came before The Black Album". I think this is plain bullshit, but whatcha gonna do.

Emo haircuts damage eye sight, says Andrew Hogan, eye doctor from Australia.""If young emo guy wearing bangs that cover about him constantly, to the eye does not see much detail. And if this happens at a young age, some may become amblyopic". Amblyopia, also known as lazy eye, is a disorder of the visual system that is characterized by a vision deficiency in an eye that is otherwise physically normal, or out of proportion to associated structural abnormalities of the eye. So remove those stupid emo haircuts.

Cannibal Corpse - "We do not want to live on past glory '

In a recently conducted an interview with Loud, Cannibal Corpse bassist, Alex Webster, talking among other things, the new edition of Torture, group development through the years and the current state of death metal music.

"I think that when someone hears Torture can see that it is not a band that is repeated. We try to make a great album that will be our best," Webster began the issue of new works.

"We do not want to live on past glory, which would otherwise be. We have a very legacy of the '90s where they could stay, but we do not want." 

Also 16. may. 2012 was the anniversary of Ronnie James Dio's death. R.I.P. King of Metal. \m/

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