среда, 09. мај 2012.

It Was Amazing!

So after some sleep I was finally able to do a post about Metallica's concert in Belgrade. At 2:30 going to Belgrade, with my three friends, at my brothers apartment, that's where the warm up began. Drinking, eating and listening to metallica songs was the famous warm up at my brother's before every concert.  And as we were going to the place where they were going to perform, the whole city was full of metalheads, you could see metallica and iron maiden shirts everywhere.
 Machine head and Gojira were the bands that played before the metallica but we didn't get to them, only to machine head's two last songs. There was around 35.000  people there going crazy at metallica's second song, that they played, Master of Puppets. So after a good beating and what not we managed to get to the end of our zone we were in. Fire works and Flames for songs lie Enter Sandman, Fuel and One were amazing and the feeling when a friend had me on his shoulder was, above 30.000 people, was epic. Once in a lifetime.
So after a good few hours of singing, jumping and what not the concert was over. Heading down the streets with 35.000 people around you, going home to sleep after an amazing night. You can see some video footage below and as I said... Once in a life time experience...

There's only one Metallica...

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  1. I wish I had been there, looks like a great concert

  2. since i never was a real fan of metallica, i have to admitt, they fucking know how to make a great show.. always a pleasure to watch