четвртак, 03. мај 2012.

Two My Favorite Drum Fills

This is my two favorite drum fills  and yes, both are Lamb of God's.  First is from a song called Ruin and second from a song called Beating on Death's Door. Here they are:

On this song (Ruin) you can hear it at 2:40. Fast, aggressive, beautiful.....

The second one is from Beating on Death's Door, this one is fast too but not as aggressive as the first one. You can hear it at 2:30 . And yeah, needs more cowbell. 

3 коментара:

  1. i don't like this band.. but these two fills got something

  2. Not really into this band although I gotta admit the first song is amazing.

  3. Enjoyed the 1st one more but both are insane...