понедељак, 23. април 2012.

"It was harder to give up alcohol than heroin"

In a recent interview with Classic Rock magazine, famous Slash talking about his process of sobering and great use of heroin and alcohol in the past.

Although in 1992. was returned from the dead after Overdose with heroin, crack and cocaine, which caused the guitarist's hearth to stop for the entire 8 minutes, Slash states that alcohol is a drug that is most difficult to leave.

"I come from families without an alcoholic, but my father's drinking, and almost the whole family, it is simply part of english origin and culture of pubs. So that was the hardest for me to leave."

"Heroin was physically difficult to leave. Removing the whole process was very long and tiring, but I came up to me that this is no longer interesting."

Slash points out not being able to drink a casual drink from time to time, and is forced to decide that all of these vices completely leave.

"Once when I dined Ewan McGregor-infection and we talked about the film Trainspotting, which is one of the most famous films about drugs. There is nothing that is fucking more powerful than drugs, especially when first taking. This is what every addict chased during his lifetime, the first time, "concluded guitarist.

Slash's second solo release out the 22nd May called Apocalyptic Love. The album was announced single and video for the track You're A Lie.

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  1. Wow, pretty crazy. I would initially think just the opposite but the way he explained it makes sense. It sounds like it was just a normal routine thing for him and his family.

  2. Great post. Slash is one of my all time favorite guitarists.