понедељак, 23. април 2012.

YouTube lost the case on copyright infringement

As reported by BBC, the world largest video portal, YouTube.com, has recently lost a lawsuit after lawsuit in Germany organization GEMA (German Performance Rights Organisation) for the lack of copyright protection musicians.
This can result in an order for payment of compensation to some great performers.
The court decision was made after determining that in 7 of 12 musical clips attached YouTube is responsible for the content that users publish.
The court also ordered a new filter clips in the future to the start could detect whether a violation of copyright.
This can lead to a significant slowdown in the speed of release of new video clips to the same could determine whether they are legal to run and do not violate these rights.
That organization already has regulated the work of individual portals and their German departments, such as Rapidshare or Grooveshark, which now must keep strict instructions to combat internet piracy.

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