среда, 18. април 2012.

Glen Burton VS Dave Mustaine

Lately Dave Mustaine has been in the center of the attention because of his controversial statements like his advice for starving women in Africa to "Put a plug in it", saying that he cured cancer (at least one) and like calling other musicians stupid, etc. Mustaine's critics are many and one of them is Deicide frontman Glen Burton.
Burton became infamous within metal realms by repeatedly branding an inverted cross into his forhead. During a recent interview with MetalSucks Glen Burton was asked for his opinion on Mustaine's born again christian and his support of Presidental candidate, calling Mustaine a 'prolapsed rectum'.
"He's a prolapsed rectum. One minute you're in, the next you're out. Let's just say prolapsed rectum."
You can read the full interview Deicide's Glen Burton here.

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