среда, 18. април 2012.

Rob Zombie Launches New TV Series

Horror metal legend Rob Zombie has launched new TV series called " My Name Is Eugene".
Personally I love Rob Zombie in Twisted Metal game series, Dragula, Superbeast, Feel So Numb... Those were the song used in game and I also loved the character based on him. I also love some of his movies and that one episode of CSI which he directed, so I hope this series are going to be awesome. He's a good director as a music producer.

" My Name Is Eugene" follows a sad and hilarious life of a Eugene S. Van Dekak, an angry, sex-starved television repairman living in Eagle Rock, California.

"Cry not for our hopeless hero, Eugene has dreams beyond broken electronics and his lost love Julie... he dreams of the big time. What exactly his idea of the big time is, well, you have to tune in and ind out"

I hope no one gets disappointed.

3 коментара:

  1. I agree with the Twisted Metal!
    Try to find the link to the series on the web.

  2. Never really paid much attention to Rob Zombie, at certain points the music was nice though.

    This might relight my interest!

    By the way, could you give me a a quick tutorial on how to make a custom header or maybe a link?

    1. Sure, I made my header in MS paint, downloaded some piuctures and there you have it.