среда, 18. април 2012.

Metallica 3D movie

After listening to Lars Ulrich's interview on the Howard Stern show (link of the interview ) he revealed some interesting facts, like calling Hulk Hogan a liar about auditioning for Metallica, Lars revealed that he once had sex with three women at once, and that director Quentin Tarantino came to him while shooting Kill Bill and said he had choreographed two fight scenes in the movie around the Metallica tracks "Enter Sandman" and "Sad But True" and Lars rejected him, citing it as one of the biggest mistakes of their career.

But the biggest shocker was when Lars revealed that the band is putting up 20 million dollars of their own money to produce this upcoming 3D movie.

Twenty million dollars just for a concert movie? that's sort of insane, but they also said that it is not going to be Just a concert movie and movies are generally produced for many millions of dollars. They also have some Big Hollywood directors doing this. I hope this investment is going to pay off, but what is 20 million to Metallica?

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